Create your digital business card in minutes using Google Slides

Toss out - or better yet, recycle - your old paper business cards. Replace them with a powerful, personalized Digital Business Card App. It's fast, easy and free.

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From slide to business card in minutes

Poexis helps you build your card from Google Slides - you don't have to learn any new tools, download apps or hire someone. Simply edit a Google Slides presentation to build your first digital business card!

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Make it all yours,
stand out from the crowd

Say goodbye to those old boring business cards that everyone has. Your Poexis digital card is all about you - express yourself & craft the story you want to tell the world. 😎

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Whether it's a professional portfolio, infographics for work, or just pics of you chilling with your crew - bring 'em on!

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Animated GIFs

Add animated GIFs from your phone - or you just found that perfect Giphy to express yourself - make your card pop!

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What's better than a 4K video to tell a story? Add videos from YouTube or Vimeo to your business card.

Slick stickers, with serious smarts

Add some serious chops to your business card by simply pasting Poexis stickers on your slides. With stickers, you can schedule meetings using Calendly, embed Twitter content, add customer feedback forms and control your app’s layout and appearance.

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Scan to share as a QR Code

Your app comes with a unique QR Code. Anyone can scan the QR Code - whether you show it on your phone in person or share it on your Zoom or Teams as a virtual background. It's touchless and 100% safe for these COVID times we live in! 😷

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Wait, it's a real app, not just a card

Your digital business card is a powerful app. You can share your card on SMS, WhatsApp or Facebook. Your card app can be installed on any device - Apple iOS, Android or Google Chrome - and will work offline without any internet connectivity.

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