Create beautiful digital experiences in minutes using Google Slides

Poexis is the Digital Experience Platform for the next billion creators. We are in the very early days of our mission to enable anyone to create beautiful apps in minutes without any code.


Build your app experiences in Google Slides

Poexis enables you to build powerful apps using just Google Slides - you don't have to learn any complex tools or hire developers or consultants. Simply edit a Google Slides presentation, collabrate seamlessly with over 3 billion users on your app just like any other presenation & hit publish!

Got data in Google Sheets? You can easily intgerate your Poexis app with Google Sheets to collect data using Forms or to display lists of items. Easy peasy!

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Slick stickers, Serious Smarts

Augment your app by simply pasting Poexis stickers on your slides. Not only do stickers help you bring content from social media like Twitter, Vimeo, they also help you add functionality from apps like Calendly, Google Analytics, etc.

Stickers also help you control your app’s layout and appearance. For instance, want to add a slick animation effect to that cover image in your app? No problem, there is a sticker to do exactly that.


Install as apps on any device Apple iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows or Web

Poexis builds Progressive Web Apps that can be added to the home screen on Apple iOS, installed on Android mobile devices, Apple macOS and Microsoft Windows. Just like native apps, they work offline without internet connectivity & are extremely performant to use.

Install Poexis apps anywhere