Experience Apps
for the next billion

At Poexis, we are on a mission to empower the next billion creators. To enable them to create beautiful app experiences on any surface - web, mobile, kiosk & physical.

Everyday Creativity in Everyone

There is everyday creativity in everyone, not just the professional creatives like designers, artists & programmers.
We seek to empower that everyday creativity.

Every Surface is an Experience Surface

With Augmented Reality and Mobile Edge computing, every creator has the unprecedented ability to bring experiences to life on any surface around them.

Empathetic Intelligence

Beneath every surface, lies the potential to embed computing and build empathetic intelligence in the magical experiences afforded by that surface.

Seize the Tools to Create

Transformational technologies recede into the background becoming almost invisible magic. Access to these tools of production must be democratized so that billions of people can actively use them.

Radically Inclusive

That a platform must not be just open & accessible, but also radically inclusive and welcoming to everyone.